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Fashion with a Conscience

Rescued by Ravens - is part of the Slow Fashion movement. Women’s Clothing and Gifts are created through careful thrifting, sourcing and reuse. One of a kind, or small batch clothing, jewelry, and gifts are all hand crafted. We try to be sustainable with everything we create and seek to use resources wisely. If we can’t use something up we recycle all that we can. 

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Rescue Your Fashion

Life can be stressful; your clothes shouldn't be! Rescued by Ravens  creates and sources wonderful women's clothing that stands alone or mixes with wardrobe basics. Clothes should be versatile, easy to style, fashionable and whenever possible - have pockets!

Rescued By Ravens Design

Inspired by Ravens

Ravens are intelligent birds known especially for their habit of collecting. Like the raven, I collect. Rocks and nests, leaves and driftwood, I take delight in the ordinary, in  everyday beauty found all around. Thrift stores and fabric outlets have always held a certain allure with the intrigue of finding uses for things others have cast off. Sourcing and creating clothing that is loved and worn time after time; making jewelry, housewares or gifts from odds and ends is a way I find joy and express gratitude. Breathing new life into the overlooked, as well as being easier on the environment, what could be more wonder-full?! 

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